Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SPSS: How to get SPSS if you are a UNE Psychology student?

UNE students should purchase SPSS from Hearne.

  • Importantly, Hearne provide support to the point of installation. 
  • They also administer all SPSS licences for IBM. 
  • Other retailers don't seem to provide this support.

Which version of SPSS?

  • Undergrad psychology students will only need the “Standard” version. 
  • Fourth year psychology students (and above) may want the "Premium" version instead (i.e. it has, in addition, missing value analysis, power analysis and bootstrapping among other things).

To purchase SPSS, go to:

  2. select 'SOFTWARE',
  3. then 'SPSS Grad Packs for Students by IBM',
  4. then 'Statistics Standard Grad Pack' for the "Standard" version, or 'Statistics Premium Grad Pack' for the "Premium" version,
  5. then 'view prices', or

For a link direct to the "Standard" version go to

Post last updated September 3, 2014.

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