Monday, November 4, 2013

APA style report: Table templates (word)

Some ideas

Just a few table templates based on APA style. Remember to use the APA manual.

The word documents attached to this blog have various table templates/ideas in them that you can obviously improve on. 

Templates to report means and standard deviation, correlation matrix, ANOVA, repeated-measures ANOVA, multiple regression analysis, and mediation.  

The other word document has templates for meta-analysis tables. 

Table templates v12.docx (updated 5 April 2017)

Table check list:

  1. Create the table using the insert table function in your word processor. Avoid using tabs and definitely do not use multiple spaces to format your tables.
  2. Only report highlights from the table in text. If all the table information is already in text then why use a table?
  3. Refer to the table in text before you include the table.
  4. Make sure every column has a heading.
  5. Make sure that a table is self contained that is the reader should be able to make sense of it without reading your whole article. 
  6. Explain abbreviations in the table Note section. 
  7. Report either p values in the table or as part of the note section such as "* p < .05." NOT both. 
  8. Make sure the reader knows that the values in the table are (e.g., column headers, table caption). 
  9. etc. very good checklist in the APA manual. 

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